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1002016MODERATIONMULTAGRI II – design and facilitation
Design and Implementation of the 2nd series of local stakeholder workshops: „How can biodiversity and agriculture be better integrated?“ for the Era-Net Project MULTAGRI. for Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany
9425 April 2018EDUCATION

Stakeholder communication in research projects – Course for students

Design and implementation of a four hour seminar for students of the Faculty Mathematics and Science at the University of Oldenburg. The course was part of the seminar "Key-Competences for Career Development”.
Customer testimonial

Stakeholder interviews and group model building

Analysis of the conflict potential in regional eel management. Commissioned by Landesforschungsanstalt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Institut für Fischerei.
952016 - March 2018PROJECT MODERATION

KliFo kommunal – Seminars for local politicians

Conception und moderation of seminars about local daption to climate change. Part time job at the "Kommunale Umweltaktion" (U.A.N.) in Hannover. Please click here for further information about the project.

From the ivory tower to the anglers club house – Journal article about participative environmental education

Cyrus, E., Arlinghaus, R. (2017). Vom Elfenbeinturm ins Anglerheim. From the ivory tower to the anglers club house. Verbundournal 109, Dezember 2017: 42-43.
Article in the "Verbundjournal" (German)
Whole journal
1092015MODERATIONDeutschen Agrarforschungsallianz - facilitation
Expert Workshop: „The Future of Ecological Agriculture“.. 2nd working meeting in Berlin. Facilitation of the working group: Systematic improvement of the efficiency of organic agriculture. Mobilizing basic research.“ For Deutsche Agrarforschungsallianz,Germany

KliFo kommunal (U.A.N.) – Zukunftsfähige Kommunen. Folgen des Klimawandels sehen, Strategien entwickeln

Brochure about adaption to climate change at local levels. How to train local politicians. Contribution Interessen Im Fluss: layout, co-authorship in the course of a part time job at U.A.N.
Brochure (German)
110since 2014MODERATIONAkteursdialog Aller – design and facilitation of a participatory process
Design of the participatory process, including the facilitation of central stakeholder meetings, aiming at the restoration of the federal water way “Aller” in Lower Saxony. Meetings include the following
  • 1. Akteursforum Aller (December 2015)
  • 2. Akteursforum Aller (June 2016)
  • Projektgruppentreffen (2017)
Commissioned by the NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. . More information here.

TOPSOIL – Stakeholder Involvement Strategies. A guide for Topsoil Pilots

An overwiev about several participatory methods. Contribution Interessen Im Fluss: co-authorship, layout.
1112015PROJECTOldenburgisch Ostfriesischen Wasserverband – project development
Project development for two Interreg VB proposals (Priority 3: Sustainable North Sea Region: Protecting against climate change and preserving the environment), as part of my work for Niedersachsen Wasser GmbH. Both proposals were approved.
1122015PROJECTRogaland Fylkeskommune – project development
Support for the development of an Interreg VB – «Expression of Interest », including design, facilitation and documentation of partner meetings, directly feeding into the proposal. (Priority 2.1: Promote the development and adoption of products, services and processes to accelerate greening of the North Sea Region) for Rogaland Fylkeskommune, Norwegen. The Expression of Interest was approved.
1132015MODERATIONINTERACT IVB –moderation and dokumentation
Moderation and documentation of the Interact Team & Coordinator meeting, am 29./30. September 2015, Viborg Denmark.

“Thanks a lot for your good work during the meeting in Viborg. I just had a look at your summaries and I must say they are very good. Thanks also for your suggestions on how to improve our work which I appreciate very much and I think offer us very relevant input for our minds to go on finding new, more rewarding and more effective ways to collaborate.” by Àngels Orduña, INTERACT Point Valencia.
1142015MODERATIONWeGa e.V. – Moderation
Moderation of the Kick Off of the HortInnova-project on 17th/18th Nov. 2015 at Thünen-Institut in Braunschweig. Commissioned by Wega – Kompetenznetz Gartenbau e.V.
1152015MODERATIONKick-Off Meeting of the network „Gewässerfreunde“
„What do waters need? How can a network help?“ design and faciliation of an interactive meeting for ca. 70 representatvies from local to regional authorities, and NGO‘s in Lower Saxony. Nienburg, Germany. Hosted by the team of the network „Gewässerfreunde“.
1202014MODERATIONMULTAGRI I- design and implementation
Design and implementation of 1st series local stakeholder workshops : “How to bring biodiversity and agriculture in line?” for the Era-Net project MULTAGRI. Commissioned by Leuphana Universität Lüneburg and Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO).
1212014MODERATIONBillund 5.1 – design and implementation
Design and implementation of “Workshop Billund 5.1: What makes a good project?” Commissioned by The Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme.

“Dr. Borowski-Maaser developed and moderated a key stakeholder event for us. It was attended by about 50 participants from our 7 partner countries, representing ministerial, administrative and project partnership level. Her positive attitude, style and moderation skills were highly appreciated by organisers and participants. The output we generated with her support could be fed directly into our working process”.
(Carsten Westerholt, Deputy Head of Secretariat, Interreg North Sea).
1222014MODERATIONCancer Cluster - Facilitation
Facilitation of an citizen information event on the cancer cluster in the municipality of Bothel. Commissioned by Landkreis Rotenburg (Wümme).
1232014-2012PROJECTEcosystem-Services & PES: Case study design and implementation
Local participatory research process to prepare, and balance out the costs and benefits of wetland restoration; as part of my project VechtPES

“Die Arbeit der wasserwirtschaftlichen Verwaltung beinhaltet die regelmäßige Auseinandersetzung mit unterschiedlichsten Stakeholdern. Eine Moderation von Frau Borowski-Maaser beindruckt nachhaltig in diesem Sammelsurium von Stimmen und Meinungen – zu jeder Zeit behält sie den Überblick, hält den roten Faden fest in den Händen und lässt trotzdem ausreichend Raum für Kreativität.”
(Rudolf Gade, Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Klimaschutz – Referat 24 “Oberflächen- und Küstengewässer, Meeresschutz”).
1402012PROJECTEnvironment Lower Saxony- Synthesis and communication
Support for the development of the brochure: Economic Elements of the European Policy for Water Protection — Implementation and Challenges in Lower Saxony/Germany. (Target group: regional and local stakeholders in Lower Saxony.) Commissioned by the Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Klimaschutz (Ministry for Energy, Environment and Climate protection), Hannover/Germany.
1302013-2011MODERATIONResearch Workshops for Anglers - Moderation
Facilitation of five workshop series, for participatory development of fish stocking strategies in fishing associations in Lower Saxony/Germany. Commissioned by the Institut für Gewässerbiologie und Binnenfischerei (Institute for Aquatic Biology and Inland Fisheries) , Berlin, as part of my work for seeconsult.
1402010MODERATIONRegional Scenarios- Moderation
Workshop „Scenarios for sustainable land – use in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony – Anhalt“ with regional representatives from regional, environmental and spatial planning, supporting a research process. Commissioned by Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung — UFZ / Department Umweltpolitik, as part of my work for seeconsult.
1412010MODERATIONResearch Demand- design and facilitation
Responses to Environmental & Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth (RESCUE). A joint COST-ESF Frontiers of Science initiative, a two-day workshop to identify and prioritize the demand for research. Participants: leading European researchers and research organizations. (Commissioned by the European Science Foundation.) as part of my work for seeconsult
1502009PROJECTNewWaterBrosch NeWater – Synthesis Brochure
Design and implementation of a synthesis process for the main results of the European research project NeWater – New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty. The brochure is available hier
1512009MODERATIONIntegrated Assessment Training - Facilitation
Workshop: From Obligation to Advantage: Public Participation in Environmental Integrated Assessment. Training for Croatian representatives from industry, environmental NGOs, and official authorities. Organized by Zelena Istria (A Croation environmental protection organistion)
1602007PROJECTEnvironment Lower Saxony - Evaluation
Evaluation of the public participation during the implementation of the European WFD (2000/60/EC) in Lower Saxony/Germany. Commissioned by the Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Klimaschutz (Ministry for Energy, Environment and Climate protection), Hannover.
1612007MEDIATIONIKSE- Stakeholder Workshop First International Stakeholder forum in the Elbe river basin for German and Czech stakeholders. Commissioned by Internationale Kommission zum Schutz der Elbe (International Elbe River Protection Commission) (IKSE).
1702005PROJECTHarmoni-CA – design and implementation
Workshop: Interaction between the European WFD and the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). Participants: members of the workgroup CAP&WFD, as a part of the Common Implementation Strategy for the WFD.(Harmoni-CA)**
1802004MODERATIONIKSE – design and moderation German-Czech workshop:
Identification of the Potential for Public Participation at International Level in the Elbe River Basin in cooperation with the IKSE, for members of the workgroup for the implementation of the WFD in the Elbe river basin, as part of my work for the USF
1802004PROJECTHarmoni-CA – design and implementation
Workshop: Potential Support of River Basin Models for Participatory Processes for European researchers of river basin modelling (Harmoni-CA), as part of my work for the USF
1902003PROJECTHarmoni-CA – design and implementation
Workshop: Requirements for river basin models to support participatory water management. For regional water managers in Europe (Harmoni-CA), as part of my work for the USF
992016MODERATIONMULTAGRI III – Design and facilitation Design and Implementation of the European policy workshop which invited in-depth feedback on the research results of the Era-Net Project MULTAGRI from selected stakeholders. „How can biodiversity and agriculture be better integrated?“ in Brussels. Commissioned by Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany