When resources are tight, conflicts of interests are often unavoidable. The reconciliation of all interests becomes ever more of a challenge.


  • When there is a conflict of interests: How is a piece of land to be used? How is the planning to be carried out?
  • When there is “room for negotiation”: There have to be alternative solutions (that might still be unknown), which all stakeholders can discover, inspect more closely and agree on within the context of a mediation process.
  • When all stakeholders have a vested interest in resolving the conflict.
  • When stakeholders want to prevent possibly very dire consequences of the unresolved conflict, and want to help resolve it for this reason.

In the field of environmental matters, conflicts affect a large number of parties. Some of these stakeholders use their professional associations, some citizens are rather on their own, and different authorities are often affected as well.

A constructive discussion is something all stakeholders can only benefit from.

And that is exactly what we can help you with. Using our well-structured and established procedures, we can do away with disturbing conflicts, and you can reach your goals.


  • "Traditional" mediation / conflict resolution

    Be it within a team of experts or between several stakeholders within a project: When you have “reached a deadlock”, and different parties keep putting spokes in each other’s wheels on a daily basis, we can help you: As an external mediator, we support you to find ways to resume dialogue as well as new starting points.

  • Professional planning and implementation of public participation,

    to make sure that stakeholders are included comprehensively, adequately and early on in the process. To get everyone engaged in the discussion and the process, we work with a combination of different forms of mediation and moderation.

  • Optimisation of your ongoing processes

    If you have reached a deadlock, or if you worry about not using your resources as efficiently as possible, we analyse the situation together, identify reasons and find solutions.

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