Supporting and optimizing cooperations

Is it your aim to…
improve the learning process among your project partners?
Are you interested in…
a one-time feedback or do you need a more continuous engagement of stakeholders?
Do you need…
an exclusively supported and well directed presentation of your project results?
Do you want to…
solve simmering conflicts?

Then contact us and we can quickly check how we can support you. Based on your goals we can develop a plan together to reach them.

Our methods apply to both, planning and research processes. Because for the success of integrated projects in both contexts it is increasingly necessary that the different stakeholders and partners (e.g. of agriculture, environmental protection, industry, local enterprises, tourism, and politics) act together in a concerted effort.

During your workshop, we will help you to follow the thread and facilitate the development of durable solutions which are supported by the participants. You are thus in the position to fully engage in the discussion, to develop strategies and solutions. Transparency will be improved for all participants and synergies will surface more easily.

Focus groups, speed-dating, field trips, delphi-formats, plenary discussions or open space. Formats and methods will be adapted differently: this depends on whether your focus lies on enabling learning among the participants, or on featuring your results in the best possible way.

During the discussions we will structure and balance out the different facts and arguments. The different parts and perspectives will result in a homogenous, integrated picture. If you wish to use results in order to support decision making or follow-up processes, our support will make this much easier for you.
  • You can (re)focus on technical aspects of the discussion and thus improve the position of your goals and arguments.
  • You keep control of the way you involve the other actors.
  • The participants will acknowledge and understand important information more clearly.
  • You decide on what to discuss, and we will make sure that the discussion progresses in an efficient and constructive way.
  • Results are documented.
  • Possible solutions become more specific and are better prepared for further implementation. Cooperation is strengthened. This provides the basis on which your project can move to the next step, towards a satisfying outcome.
  • work-intensive and interactive project meetings
  • cooporative research processes
  • participatory processes at the interface of policy and science
  • information and networking events such as scientific conferences, including session planning and panel discussions.

Working languages are German and English.

No solutions according to the book, but rather: Support tailored to your specific needs!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us: