TOPSOIL- Topsoil and water. The climate challenge in the near subsurface (Dec 2015 – Dec 2019)

TOPSOIL focuses on the protection and the sustainable management of groundwater in the era of climate change. In this context, changing conditions are a particular challenge – availability, quality and use have to adapt accordingly. On behalf of the OOWV (Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband [Water Association of Oldenburg & East Frisia]), Interessen Im Fluss coordinates the planning and implementation of a series of workshops to promote the effective, transnational dialogue on the main topics between the partners involved. The main topics are

  • Flooding in towns and agricultural areas due to rising groundwater table caused by changed precipitation patters
  • Saltwater intrusion into freshwater reserves due to rising sea levels and changed irrigation, drainage and drinking water demands
  • The need for a groundwater buffer to store water in periods of excess rainfall. The buffer of fresh water can be used for irrigation in dry periods.
  • Better knowledge and management of soil conditions, which will provide better resilience to extreme rain events and improve water quality and improve crop yields.
  • The capacity to break down nutrients and other environmentally harzardous pollutants in the uppermost layers is yet unexplored. By improving our understanding, better land management can be implemented.

Important results

Interesen Im Fluss was pleased to contribute to develop the following products.

A practical overwiev about several participatory methods:

Inman, A., Bendall, B., Borowski-Maaser, I. (2017). Stakeholder Involvement Strategies. A guide for Topsoil Pilots.


Workshop Summary: Finding solutions to groundwater flooding.Transnational exchange on governance challenges (29th September 2017, TOPSOIL Partner meeting, Brugge).

This document is the summary of the first workshop for transnational exchange on groundwater governance. Interessen Im Fluss supported the design, facilitation and synthesis of the workshop. The project partners are now transferring the format to new issues related to groundwater governance. As a direct result of this workshop, three more have been initiated by different partners and will be implemented in 2018.


More about TOPSOIL

You will find more information on the project’s website.