Your topic is of importance to the public, but …

  • you would rather like to focus on your core business?
  • you lack ideas on how to share your knowledge in an innovative way?
  • you are stressed out by dealing with media relations, the press do not distinguish properly in their reports, and social media are a bottomless pit?
  • no one takes notice of what you do, although you make the impossible possible every single day?

We help your topic to get the attention it deserves!
To do this, we transform your contents into customised messages and reach your target group with efficiently applied tools.

What is the difference between us and traditional PR agencies?

Those who work in the fields of science and environmental matters often experience a curious thing: Technical knowledge hardly influences people’s attitudes and actions. In the field of environmental awareness research, this is a well-known phenomenon. That is why our work includes all aspects from information to communication and qualification. As an environmental engineer and an environmental scientist, we pool our expertise in the fields of PR, scientific communication, education for sustainable development, moderation, mediation, and project consulting for you! This holistic approach often already proves right when it comes to the filing of applications for projects, and it ensures sustainable success stories for you!

We offer:

  • Communication strategies

    A well-conceived PR strategy for you: With as much effort as you would like, authentic formats, and appropriate channels. Of course, an efficient integration of tried-and-tested and new elements is possible.

  • Press releases

    Appealing and animated press releases including an up-to-date peg and everything else journalists need to present your topic properly.

  • Printed products: concept development and texts

    e.g. flyers, brochures, posters, …

    Professionally written texts and a detailed preliminary draft to make your later collaboration with a graphic designer as easy as possible.

  • Advertising material: concept development and texts

    e.g. texts for websites, Facebook posts, blog entries, scripts for podcasts and films, …

    Professionally prepared core texts for your successful presentation online. If needed, we are happy to cooperate with technicians on your behalf; we can also support you when it comes to the acquisition of images.

  • Educational concepts

    e.g. teaching material, exhibition concepts, non-fiction and children’s books, …

    Concept and general development of different teaching formats for children and adults, both in an institutional (e.g. kindergarten, school, further training) and a recreational context. Everything to improve creative skills supporting an education for a sustainable development.

  • A full load of creativity

    Development of unusual formats, e.g. educational comic strips, unseen events, plays, …

    Benefit from our boundless wealth of ideas and our network of creatives in the environmental field. Your happiness, your identification with the product, and your positive gut feeling are always paramount.

Why should you invest in your communication strategy?

In fact, requirements regarding successful project work and PR have changed over the last few years. To many investors, the obligation to keep the public informed is not nice to have, but an essential requirement for the funding of projects. What is more, many target groups need to be addressed in multiple ways, via traditional channels (e.g. the press) as well as via new online media. For many people involved in a project, it is not possible to do their job as technical experts and to develop appealing types of information material and formats at the same time. Simply let us do this type of hard work for you!

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